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My mission

My support packages are customised around you and your business needs. When you sign up we will work together to devise a plan to support you and your business. I offer a totally free no obligation consultation call before you sign up to any package.

With over 10 years of experience I have may skills to offer. These include -

  • Product design & development 

    • From market research to developing your product I can help you ensure your product will grow with the needs of you and your business​

  • Taking a product to market & fulfilling orders

    • From selling face to face to online platforms, packaging, delivery & automating the process​

  • Setting up and sell online

    • With so many options we can ensure you are using the right platform for selling to suit your product and business.​

  • Structuring your business for profit & growth

    • Putting in automation, structures & procedures to support your growing business​

  • Hiring & training a team

    • From on boarding right through to building a team

  • Managing a production line

    • Ensuring ​you keep that handmade aspect and quality whilst being able to scale and fulfil larger orders

  • Sourcing supplies & components within the UK and Overseas

    • Learning to build supplier relationship​ throughout the world

This bite size support package is a great starter package if you are just looking for a bit of advice, want to run ideas past an expert or need some help finding your focus on a project.

In this 1 hour call we will talk through your current goals, identify your needs and put a fast track plan into place so you can move forward.





Support Package

The most popular option, offering you unlimited and on going support.


You and your business are unique and the support you require should reflect just that. The one to one support package is tailored to suit you and your business.

With this support package you will get 

  • The discovery call​​​​​ where we will walk through your products, business and discover your businesses requirements

  • Strategy planning sessions, keeping you focused and putting in place the tools you need to achieve your goals

  • My online planner designed to keep you on task

  • Expert advice & support

  • Weekly support calls

  • Frequent check in messages & emails

  • Hands on help setting up new projects


£120 per week (Minimum of 4 weeks)



Support Package

Do you have a project in mind? Are you trying to implement the next step for your business?

This support package is designed to support you through one of projects.

You will get 

  • The discovery call​​​​​ where we will talk through your upcoming project and clarify the outcome you require.

  • Strategy planning sessions. We will breakdown your project, implement a plan put together a task list to ensure you hit your target.

  • My online planner designed to keep you on task

  • Expert advice & support

  • Weekly support call for the length of your project

  • Unlimited email support for the length of your project


£140 - Week 1 - This includes your discover call & strategy planning sessions.

Ongoing weeks - £80




Working for yourself is a wonderful thing, but may people struggle when it comes to accountability.

When a deadline looms, a task needs completing or you have just lost your motivation, you need a way to keep on task. And that is where the accountability service comes in.

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